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Choose your pricing plan

  • Corporate Deals

    Add our service to your HR packages
    Valid for one year
    • Private Pay
    • Plan Valid for Low Desert Companies Only
  • Hire_A_Phlebotomist for the day

    Physician Office Package
    • Arrange your fee schedule
    • Fee is per patient
    • Contact us for more information
    • Minimum 1 hours Max 5 hours
  • Standing Orders

    Recurring bloodwork
    • Most standing order i.e. 1x month for 6mths
    • Additional Fee's .65 for mileage over 20 miles
    • Desert Area;s: High Desert/Low Desert Only
  • Standard Draw

    Routine every 3/6 months order
    • Additionally $45.00 for other patients at the home
  • Pediatric Standing Orders

    Speciality Draws
    • Orders must be standing orders to qualify for discount
    • Standing orders are orders that recur for a period of time.
    • Example: twice a week for six months.
    • Additional fee's for 20 miles out from Palm Desert Location
  • Group Rates

    Rates accourding to 5+ patients per visit
    • Groups Homes
    • Senior Living
    • Assisted Living
    • Rates are according to a total of 5+ per visit
    • Additional Mileage/Gas will be charged for High Desert
  • High Desert Plan

    Locations outside the Low Desert
    • Miles outside of Business Location subjected additional fee
    • $.66 per mile outside of twenty miles roundtrip
    • i.e Joshua Tree .46 miles=26 x .66
    • Average Price of gas $10.08
  • Ulta Lab Patients

    All Ulta Lab Patients recieve a discount fee...
    • Click the Ulta Lab Picture.
    • Go to site to register.
    • Order your labs and my blood draw service.
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